About Us


Mosaic: art consisting of a design made from pieces of......... just about anything!

Artist's Statement:
Mike Squared Mosaics are Mike Juarez and Mike Cody.
We create mosaics that instill a positive vibe. Made to fill a void. Created to lure, intrigue, and inspire. Our art is timeless. Mosaics that transcend us anywhere than where we are at that moment. Made for the color, the design, the texture, or as a message to one individual or the masses. We mold, high fire, and glaze our very own specialty pieces. From glow in the dark tile, to birds, insects, fish, leaves, flowers, human faces, and much more. From a distance or up close and personal, our work is visual eye candy. We introduce various textures to our murals. Children and the visually impaired love the accessibility of our work. They love the feel of the finishes, the textures, the shapes, the glass, and the fluidity of the mural as a whole. Fascination is an understatement. 


Community and Client Participation

Community and Client Participation:
We always invite the community to participate in our projects. We have meet and greets where the locals can contribute pieces that have meaning to their own story or the theme of the project. Each donation is evaluated for durability. We receive pieces found at thrift stores. The contribution can also be handmade. We have in the past received handmade tiles from elementary and junior high school students. Tile made during art class or as extra-curricular activities. One local request was to have a pet dog’s portrait applied to a tile which was then placed into the mural. One person donated tiles she bought on her travels. Some pieces could be culturally in tune with the area. Maybe a piece about the local flavor. Some may have environmental significance, fossils, gems, or seashells. If it creates a sense of community and diversity to the project, we will happily accept it. Remember too, great photo-ops for visitors and locals alike. Participation, creation, and reaction. Approach our mosaics as portals to a world of endless possibilities.


From the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula

Mike Squared Mosaics creates art in the United States and in Mexico. We have two bases. One is in beautiful, colorful, Colorado, United States, and the other one is in the exotic, serene, Yucatan, Mexico.
We have been blessed with the ability to live in two very different countries with many diverse cultures and landscapes.
When it comes to art, we are both extremely passionate about all mediums. Besides our signature mosaics we also paint, furniture design, and sculpt.
Did I mention Mike C. is also an expert Stained Glass artist?
The Mike Squared Mosaics partnership  is stronger than ever and like a fine wine, with age, it just gets better and better.
So join us on our journey and let's see what inspires you.

Email us at: mikesquaredmosaics@gmail.com