About Us

Mosaic: art consisting of a design made from pieces of......... just about anything!

We at Mike Squared Mosaics, (Mike Juarez and Mike Cody), believe in creating mosaics that express and instill a positive vibe.
Our work is made to fill a void. Created to lure, intrigue, focus, and inspire. Mosaics that transcend us to places other than where we are at that moment. To discover that even the most miniscule pieces have meaning. To know that the tile, glass, or stone piece, was placed in that particular spot for a reason. Whether it was adhered there for the color, the design, or as texture, that singular piece adds significant value to the larger scope of  work.
Our inspiration comes from deep within our souls and our natural environment. We see an abundance of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. We see our creations as puzzles. Small puzzles inside bigger puzzles. Bigger puzzles inside larger puzzles. Larger puzzles inside grander puzzles and then low and behold, we’re back to finding the smallest puzzles again. Somehow they were lost inside the mass of  mosaic but were found again either by chance or by design.
We mold, high fire, and glaze our very own specialty pieces as well.
From birds, insects, fish, leaves, flowers, human faces, and so much more that we would fill this whole page with just listing the specialty tile we make.  We can truly say that our mosaic menu is extensive and because of new ideas it is constantly changing.

Community and Client Participation

From a distance or up close and personal, we consider our work to be visual eye candy.
Because of our introduction of various textures we know our mosaics are also tactile ways to experience our work. This especially applies to children, (who, by the way are fascinated with our work), as well as the visually impaired.
We would also like to add that we invite the community or the client to participate in our art projects. We conduct meet and greets, sometimes with food and beverages provided by us and the community, where the locals or clients can contribute pieces that will later be integrated into the mosaic.  In some cases we receive pieces found at thrift stores. It is a happy place for the contributor to know that his or her find will be recycled or re-purposed into a work of art. These contributions can be handmade. In the past we have been asked by area art teachers to have the local school children make tile and then integrate their art work into the neighborhood art project. Always lots of fun!
The tile could be slightly sentimental to the individual as was the case where a woman had a tile made with her dog painted on it and it too was placed into her town's mosaic.
Maybe the piece is culturally in tune with the community.
Possibly about the local flavor. Or maybe pieces that have an environmental significance to the area such as fossils, gems, or seashells.
Whatever creates a sense of community and diversity we will happily accept it into the art.
We have found that when the locals are part of one of our projects they feel a sense of pride and appreciate the art that much more which also means that the locals are also more vigilante when it comes to vandalism.
Did I mention that our Mosaics also provide awesome back drops for photo-opportunities?  
Our goal is to inspire everyone who views and participates in our work to see a world open to endless possibilities.  

From the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula

Mike Squared Mosaics creates art in the United States and in Mexico. We have two bases. One is in beautiful, colorful, Colorado, United States, and the other one is in the exotic, serene, Yucatan, Mexico.
We have been blessed with the ability to live in two very different countries with many diverse cultures and landscapes.
When it comes to art, we are both extremely passionate about all mediums. Besides our signature mosaics we also paint, furniture design, and sculpt.
Did I mention Mike C. is also an expert Stained Glass artist?
The Mike Squared Mosaics partnership  is stronger than ever and like a fine wine, with age, it just gets better and better.
So join us on our journey and let's see what inspires you.

Email us at: mikesquaredmosaics@gmail.com